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200 Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges

  • Designed for extremely low pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Ultra sensitive copper alloy diaphragm capsules are rated for pressure (or vacuum) as low as 0-10 inches of water and as high as 0-10 psi
  • 2-1/2 and 4 inch sizes – bottom and back connections
  • Molded Plexiglass™ lenses on 2-1/2 inch size and instrument glass on 4 inch size for strength and clarity
  • Standard case on 2-1/2 inch size is black painted steel (optional Stainless steel), and Stainless steel on 4 inch case
  • Phosphor bronze diaphragm capsules are coupled with precision all-brass movements to provide extremely accurate indication
  • 25-206 & 25-216 are low pressure diaphragm OEM-Type gauges; they feature a black ABS case and a Copper Beryllium Alloy (CuBe) diaphragm capsule coupled with Cu-Alloy movement for extremely low pressure applications
  • 25-200 and 25-210 come standard with 2X to 10X overpressure protection based on full scale